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Drug Monographs

Ubrelvy Tablet Uceris Foam Udamin Udamin SP
Udenyca Inj Ulesfia_Lotion Uloric_Tab Ultomiris Inj
Ultomiris 1100mg-11ml and 300mg-3ml Vial Ultram ER Tab Ultravate Lotion Ultravate PAC_Kit
Ultravate X Cream Ultresa DR Capsule Umecta PD_Emul Adhes Umecta PD_Susp Adhes
Umecta Susp Uni-Cof  Uni-Cof EXP Uni-Cof EXP Syrup
Uni-Cof Syrup Uni-Guaifen Uni-Hist Drops Uni-Hist PDX Drops
Uni-hist PDX Syrup Uni Tann CS Chew Tab UniTricof HC Uplizna Vial
Uptravi Tab  Uramaxin_Cream Uramaxin_Foam  Uramaxin GT Gel
Uramaxin GT Kit Uramaxin_Lotion UrocitK_SA Tab Urogesic Blue
Uroxatral Tablet SR Urso Forte UTAŽ Utibron Neohaler Cap