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Drug Monographs

Lagesic Tab Lamictal DPSK Lamictal ODT_Orally Disintegrating Tab and Kit Lamictal XR 250mg Tablets
Lamictal XR Tabs Lamictal XR_Extended Release Tab and Kit Lamisil_Granule Packet Lampit Tablet
Lanoxin injection Lanoxin 187.5mcg Tablet Lantus Insulin Cart Lantus Solostar_Pen
Lastacaft Ophthalmic Drops Latuda 20mg Tablet Latuda 40mg Tab Latuda 60mg Tab
LATUDA 120 MG Tab Lavoclen 4_Kit Lavoclen 8_Kit Lazanda Spray
Lenvima 4mg & 12mg Cap Letairis_Tab Levall 5.0_Sol Levall 12 Susp
Levall G Levall_Sol Levaquin Solution Levemir Inj
Levetiracetam_Sol Levitra Levofloxacin Sol Levorphanol 3mg Tab
Levothyroxine Sodium Injection Levothyroxine Vial Lexapro 5mg Lexapro Oral Solution
Lexette Foam Lexiva_Susp Lexiva Tab Lialda_Tab
Librax Licart Patch LidaMantle HC Lotion Lidamantle HC_Med Pad
LidaMantle Lotion Lidocaine Epi_Inj Lidocaine HC 1_3 Cr Appl Lidocaine HC Cream
Lidocaine 3% Lotion Lidocaine HC Lotion Lidocaine and Hydrocortisone Gel Kit Lidocaine 5% Ointment
Lidopure Patch LidoVir Kit Liletta Intrauterine Limbrel
 Linzess 72mg Cap Linzess Cap Lipofen_Cap Liptruzet
Liquadd_Sol Liquibid Liquibid D Tab Liquibid-D 1200 
Liquibid D 1200_SR Tab Liquibid PD_SA Tab Lithium Citrate Livalo_Tab
Lokelma Powder Lo Loestrin FE Lo Minastrin FE Locoid 01_Lotion
Lodrane 24 D_SA Cap Lodrane 24 SR Caps Lodrane XR Susp Loestrin 24 FE Tab
Lonhala Magnair Solution Loprox® Loprox Suspension Lordane D Susp
Lorzone Tablet Loseasonique_Tab Lotemax Gel Lotemax SM Gel
Lotemax Oint Lotrel 540_1040 Cap Lotronex Lortuss DM Liquid
Lortuss EX_Liquid Lortuss HC Lovenox® 100 mg/mL Lucentis Syringe
LUCENTIS 0.3 MG Vial Lucemyra Tab Lucentis 0.3 mg Syringe Lucentis
Lumigan Ophth Drops Lunesta Lupaneta Pack Lupkynis Capsule
Lupron Depot Inj Lupron Depot Ped Inj Lusedra_Inj Lusonal Liquid
Lusonal Liquid P Lusonex Tab Lusonex Plus Tab Luvox CR_24h SR Cap
Luxturna Suspension Luxturna Vial Luzu 1% Cream Lybrel_Tab
Lynox Tab Lyrica Cap Lyrica CR Tab Lyrica Solution
Lysteda_Tab Lyumjev Kwik Pen