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Drug Monographs

Cabenuva ER Susp Injection Cablivi Vial Caduet Caduet 25mg
Caffeine_Powder Calcifolic D_Wafer CalciFol Wafer Calcitrol
Caldolor_Inj Calomist_Spray Cambia Powder Packets Campath Vial
Campral Canasa Supp Capcof Liquid Caplyta 42mg Capsule
Caprelsa Tabs Capsublend H Powder Capsublend P Powder Capsublend S Powder
Carbatrol Carbatuss 12 Susp Carbatuss CL Liq  Carbic DS
Carbinoxamine PSE Syrup and P-ephed HCL Carbomer 934P_Powder  Carboxine Carboxine-PSE
Cardiotek RX  Cardizem® LA Cardura XL 4_8 Tab Carospir Suspension
 Cayston_Neb Sol   Cefazolin Sodium Ceftazidime_Powder Cefuroxine IVPB
celebrex50mg_Cap  Celebrex 400mg Caps®   Cenestin® Cenestin 0.45mg
Cenfol Tabs  Cenhist_Chew Tab  Centany2%_Kit Ceprotin_Inj
Cequa Sol Cerdelga Cap Cerefolin Cerefolin NAC Caplet
Certuss Tab Certuss D Cervarix 2020_Vial Syringe Cetraxal_Drops
  Cetylev Tab Chicken Flavor_Powder Cholbam Capsule Chromagen FA Tab
Chromagen Forte Tab Chromagen Tab Cialis Ciclodan Kit
Cimzia_Inj Cinryze_Vial Cinvanti Emulsion Cipro XR®
Clinimix Solution ClobetaPlus Kit Cipro XR (New Strength) Ciprodex
Ciprofloxacin HCl Powder Citracal Prenatal DHA Tab Cap Citracal Prenatal 90 DHA_Tab Cap Citranatal 90 Pack
Citra Natal 90 DHA_Tab Cap Citranatal Assure Citra Natal Assure_Tab Cap Citra Natal B-Calm Tabs
Citra Natal DHA_Tab Cap CitraNatal Harmony Capsule Citranatal Harmony Cap Citranatal Harmony 2.1 cap
Citranatal Harmony 3.0 Cap Citranatal RX Tab  Clarifoam EF_Foam Clarinex D Tab 
Clarinex D 12Hr Tab Clarinex Rapid Dissolve Tab Clarinex® RediTab Clarinex Syrup
Clarithromycin_Powde Cleeravue M Kit Clenpiq Solution Climara
Climara Pro Clindacin PAC Kit Clindagel Clindareach_Kit
Clindesse Vag Cream Clobex 0.05% Clobex Shampoo Clobex Spray
Clodan Shampoo Clolar Clorfed Clozapine
Clozapine 50mg Tab Clozapine 200 Tab CNL8_Kit Coartem_Tab
 Cocet Plus Tab CodarAR Liquid CodarD Liquid CodarGF Liquid
Codeine Sulfate Solution Codeine Sulfate UD Codiclear DH_Liq Codiclear DH Syrup
Codimal DH_Liq Coldec D Coldcough Coldcough EXP
Coldcough PD Cold-Tuss DR Coldec DSTM Syrup Coldmist DM
Coldmist® DM Syrup  Coldmist JR Coldmist LA Coldmist®-S
   Colyte with Flavor Paks Kit Combigan_Drops Combivent Respimat Inhaler Combunox
Complera Tabs Concept DHA_Cap Concept OB_Cap Conex Suspension
Conzip Caps Copaxone 20 mg Syringe Copaxone 40 Inj Coraz_Combo
Cordron D Liquid Cordron DM Liquid
Cordron HC Liquid Coreg CR_SA Cap
Corlanor Solution Corlanor Tablets Corvite Tab Corvite FE Tab
Corzall_Liquid Corzall PE Liq Corzall Plus_Liquid Cosela Vial
Cosentyx Inj Cosentyx 75 mg-0.5 ml Syringe Cosopt PF Solution Cotab A_Tab
Cotab AX_Tab Cotabflu_Tab Cotempla XR ODT CPM 8/PE 20/MSC 1.25
Crantex ER Creon Caps Creon 36-114-180 DR Creon_DR Cap
Cresemba Capsule Vial Crestor® Crysvita Injection C-Tanna 12D
C-Tanna Suspension Cutaquig Sol Cutivate Lotion Cuvitru Injection
Cuvitru 10gram/50ml Vial Cuvposa Sol Cyano kit_Vial Cyclodan Cream
Cyclosporine Cap Cymbalta Cypex LA Cyproheptadine
Cystadrops 0.37% Ophthalmic Solution