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Drug Monographs

Xadago Tablet Xanax® XR Xarelto Long Tablet Xarelto 2.5mg Tab
XareltoTab Xarelto Tablet Pack Xartemis XR 7.5mg-352mg Tablet Xatmep Solution
Xcopri Tablet Xcopri 250 mg Daily Dose Pack Xeljanz 1mg-ml Solution Xeljanz Tablet
Xeljanz 10 mg Tab Xeljanz XR Tab Xelpros Sol Xembify Injection
Xenazine_Tab Xenleta Tab and Inj Xeomin Inj Xeomin Powder
Xerava SDV Xerava Vial Xerava 100mg Vial Xerese Cream
Xermelo Tablet Xhance Nasal Xiaflex_Inj Xeljanz XR 22mg Tablet
Xepi CRM Xibrom Sol Xifaxan Xifaxan_Tab Revised 9-2010
Xigduo XR 2.5mg Xigduo XR Tablet Xiidra Solution Ximino ER Capsule
Xirahist DM Drops Xirahist Drops Xodol Xodol Tab 7.5/300
Xodol Tab 5/300 Xofluza Tab Xolair Syringe Xolair®
Xolair 75mg vial Xolege Corepack_Gel Xolegel Duo_Kit Xolegel Gel
Xopenex Xopenex HFA Inhaler Xpect AT Xpect HC Tab
Xtampza ER Cap Xtandi Tablet Xultophy Pen Xyntha Solofuse injection
Xrylix Solution Xyntha Syr Kit Xyosted Inj Xyralid Cream_Kit
Xyralid LP_Kit Xyralid RC_Kit Xyzal_Sol Xyzal_Tab